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it comes like rain
sometimes hard and unexpected,
falling in torrents around you
as you run to your car from
school or from work or from your house
off to your next great adventure
other times it falls softly and
you know it's there but you're
still able to keep strong and carry on
and you knew it was coming so you knew
to bring your umbrella and you don't get
that wet as you travel
it's like waves and it comes in and out
washing up old shoes and stray fish,
forgotten toys and lost jewelry
sometimes it rises up and laps heavily
at your pier and you have to run quickly
for fear that it will over take you
sometimes it sits there
lapping at your feet
and you stand there unsure
of whether you really want to move on
or just stay there
with that old familiar feeling
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When they first meet, she tells him she is a vampire. But he never really knows because the next day she's a fae and last week and yesterday she was just a normal human girl. Bu today she's wearing her Chuck Taylors and a short formal dress and little martian doodleboppers on her head.
"I think you're a little lost," he says as he sits next to her, unsure of whether he's talking to the alien antennae or the girl wearing them.
"I think I am," she says, and he's unsure if it's the doodleboppers or the girl who says it.
Looking back on that day, he realizes there are so many more things he should have said. If he could have done it all again, he would go back and ask her what she meant by that ubiquitous, "I think I am."
This morning, it took him half an hour just to leave his driveway. Even now, he can feel every fiber of his being screaming at him to turn around.
It just isn't right. It just isn't right.
And he just can't stop thinking. He has no right to be going there now.
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Mature content
:nanowrimo 09: Un-Division 01 :iconen-miettes:en-miettes 0 0
Mature content
The Intangible Expense :iconen-miettes:en-miettes 0 0
20 by en-miettes 20 :iconen-miettes:en-miettes 0 1
Whoa, little girl
You ever stop to see
Where you're going
And listen to your gut?
You really know how
To make
Such a wicked impression.
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Baby Shine Bright
Says the old man on the street corner to me one day:
"Baby, the stars shine bright," he says.
"Excuse me?"
"Don't you get it, baby?
The stars don't worry about whether they are doing it wrong
or right
or inside out
or upside down.
They don't.
Stars don't follow the trends
or buy up all the expensive clothes in the world
just for the sake of being chic and cool.
Stars don't care about what other people say
or what they may think.
A star is just concerned with being a star.
A star is meant to shine, so she does.
A star is meant to stay up there, in that sky,
and twinkle for all she's worth in the world.
You never get anything less than that from a star.
She never tries to be a black hole
or a supernova.
If she's meant to become those things,
she'll become those things
in time, when she's ready.
When she's meant to be,
she'll be the most spectacular nova you've ever seen.
But not before.
Before she's a super nova,
she's meant to be a star.
And that's all she'll ever be.
All she ever wants
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Bad at Poetry
I feel I am not
Very good at poetry
I have no rhythm
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Intimidating Blank Pages
Blank pages are so goddamn intimidating
The empty blankness is so much louder than any words might ever touch those pages
It screams so loud it wipes your mind blank and erases all of who you are
It strips you and leaves you clean and vulnerable to the fact that there are no words to heal some wounds
And no matter how many times you retype that monosyllabic word filler you will never be enough to fill its weighty shoes
And it knows this and laughs at you in all your futile attempts to make it black
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Manself Meme by Cagali by en-miettes Manself Meme by Cagali :iconen-miettes:en-miettes 1 4 mwah moi by en-miettes mwah moi :iconen-miettes:en-miettes 0 4
Explanations Why
The door is at the end of the hall. She can see it clearly and it isn't even that far of a walk from the elevator, but some lurching feeling in her stomach tells her that she should have taken the stairs that would have left her right beside her door. For some reason, the long, lonely walk leaves her feeling even more desolate than she should.
She tries to tell herself that it's all in her head. She's obviously imagining it, because there is no way that all of these little disappointments could all be happening because of some completely unseen slight. But there hadn't been an invitation left at the end of that sentence, and she enters the room alone when she should be out with the other twelve people sharing it.
It's ridiculous--how old is she that such things could be read as insults? She needs to grow up and stop treating herself as if she were still a broken preteen, bursting with potential that is tempered only by the sort of angst a thirteen year-old girl can know. She's constant
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My COMIC Self by en-miettes My COMIC Self :iconen-miettes:en-miettes 0 0
A weakness for musicians
There's an oboe on the table and an elbow in my ribs
I'm lying in my bed and a stranger has me pinned
I try to shift so slightly but he holds me tight
I push a little harder in hopes that it might
Free me from his mighty grasp
But it doesn't, so--alas!
I suppose this my fault could only be
If only I didn't have for musicians such a thing!
:iconen-miettes:en-miettes 2 5
A Darling Wallpaper by en-miettes A Darling Wallpaper :iconen-miettes:en-miettes 0 0
Is Voting for Young People?
I had been looking quite forward to reading this book since this year was a presidential election year, however I was sorely disappointed by Martin Wattenberg’s book on young people’s role in the democratic process in this country.
To begin with, Wattenberg began his book with a discussion on the readership of newspapers in recent times. While this is a very telling bit of information about young people’s knowledge of contemporary issues, I did not feel that it was the best way to begin the book. If newspapers are not capable of capturing the attention of the younger generations, then I hardly see how reading about something I already knew would enhance my interest in voting or citizenship. Wattenberg would have been better off starting with a subject that was not so blatantly obvious a starting point and that would allow younger readers to relate to his views. Because of the fact that I have never read a newspaper in print, I felt very alienated from Wattenberg and the
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United States
I am amazing.

I am a super hero // I give you kisses.

Current Residence: Humble, Houston, TX
Favourite photographer: Thomas Barbey
Operating System: Vista

Happy Holidays~

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 5:17 PM
Sorry I haven't been updating much. I've written a few things that I swear I'll get up eventually.

In the meantime:

Happy Holidays~ :heart: :heart: :heart:

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